Welcome to AFRAS center

the AFRican-ASian center for training and developing human resources 

AFRAS center for training and developing human resources has been established to provide training courses for developing human resources in African as well as in Asian countries.

Advantages of the AFRAS center can be  estimated from its strategy of advanced and modern training approaches and techniques that  made AFRAS one of the strongest competitive providers in the area of training and developing  human resources in the region.

AFRAS follows the strategy of cooperation with academic and industrial organizations for providing suitable environment for practical and special training. Training services at AFRAS includes lectures, workshops, lab sessions, and consultations for all  fields of the human resources development. most frequent training courses can  be found down as they were categorized in groups.

AFRAS introduces its serves in four cities: Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia,   Singapore-Singapore, Bangkok-Thailand, and Jakarta-Indonesia. All courses are conducted weekly and include a beak fast and/or lunch.